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Alzheimer’s Buddies at Kansas State University is an undergraduate student organization that seeks to improve the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s Disease in local institutional settings and strives to increase Alzheimer’s awareness in the community. The long-term project consists of weekly meetings between students paired with local Alzheimer’s patients to create strong and significant relationships. Student volunteers visit their buddy—a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease—for one hour per week during the academic school year with the goal of developing a one-on-one relationship with their buddy to help to reduce the loneliness that is rampant for those living with Alzheimer’s disease in institutional settings. Alzheimer’s Buddies chapters uphold the National Alzheimer’s Buddies (NAB) name and follow the policies, procedures, and organizational structure set forth by the original chapter, Harvard College Alzheimer’s Buddies. NAB will help schools establish a chapter and provide support by supplying a manual, training materials, and guidance. Our collective goal is to spread awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and to make a difference in the Alzheimer’s community.









Members Benefits

Make an impact on the dementia-affected communities by forming friendships with residents in senior care facilities. Develop professional, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Opportunity to receive advising and letters of recommendation for students who plan to pursue a career in the health/medical field.

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Alzheimer's Buddies at Kansas State University

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