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Blue Key Honor Society is a premier honor society that recognizes college students at senior institutions of higher education for balanced and all-around excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.









Members Benefits

Acknowledgement for a record of excellence in Leadership, Scholarship and Service with an internationally recognized honor society. Life membership and receipt of a credential that is recognized for quality and selectivity by graduate programs, institutions, and professional fields. Opportunity to make a significant contribution to the quality of campus life. Participate with a forum of stimulating individuals who create ideas and programs to serve others and implement those efforts. Experience the principle of "best leadership practices" with dedicated campus leaders.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Jake Dederer Profile

Jake Dederer

RJ Salmen Profile

RJ Salmen

Delaney Parr Profile

Delaney Parr

Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Sarah Kalman Profile

Sarah Kalman

Director of Nationals and Scholarship
Jackie McClaskey Profile

Jackie McClaskey

Abigail Johnson Profile

Abigail Johnson

Director of Membership
Logan Britton Profile

Logan Britton

Caleb Stout Profile

Caleb Stout

Director of Leadership Appreciation
Lauren Thompson Profile

Lauren Thompson

Ethan Brown Profile

Ethan Brown

Director of LeadX
Jacob Brown Profile

Jacob Brown

Director of Alumni and Legacy
Hugh Sidabutar Profile

Hugh Sidabutar

Director of Personal and Professional Development
Hattie Polson Profile

Hattie Polson

Director of Retreats and Team Training
Jaye Hrencher Profile

Jaye Hrencher

Co-Director of Quest Freshman Honorary
Kylie Litavniks Profile

Kylie Litavniks

Co-Director of Quest Freshman Honorary
Elizabeth Sturgis Profile

Elizabeth Sturgis

Director of Leadership Programming
Colleen Fulton Profile

Colleen Fulton

Co-Director of Catalyst
Natalie Nusz Profile

Natalie Nusz

Co-Director of Catalyst
Kyler Langvardt Profile

Kyler Langvardt



Blue Key Honor Society

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