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The Civil Engineering Graduate Student Council (CEGSC) seeks to represent all graduate students in the Civil Engineering department and to serve as the primary point of communication between CE graduate students, undergraduate students, and our administration (i.e., faculty and staff of CE and Carl R. Ice College of Engineering and Kansas State university administrators). CEGSC advocates for educates on, and assists in the implementation of reforms within the Civil Engineering department that coincide with the CE graduate student council's interests and values. In developing a department that reflects our values, we want to foster an inclusive and dynamic graduate community where concerns are recognized and addressed, and where everyone feels accepted, acknowledged, and respected.









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The advantages of membership include the opportunity to interact and network with prominent experts in the area via invited lecture series. Gain a platform where you can share your research with your peers and get their input. Exposure to potential research areas inside the department, college as a whole, as well as beyond it. A weekly seminar provides the opportunity to learn about the wide range of research being pursued by peers in the department. Help enhance your professional and social network through social events.

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