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Our mission is to bolster a vibrant local music community by establishing an inclusive platform where students can collectively explore their passion for musical creativity. We aim to bridge the gap between K-State students and the local music scene by providing them with opportunities to showcase their musical abilities while enriching the local music scene of Manhattan.









Members Benefits

As a member of our club, you'll join an inclusive musical community that connects students with similar interests. We make it easy for K-State students to form bands or music groups and provide opportunities to perform at live music events that unite the K-State and Manhattan communities. You'll not only showcase your musical talents but also contribute to enriching the local music scene. Through our club, you'll gain access to valuable resources, guidance, and networking opportunities within the local music industry, fostering skill development and connections with professionals. Join us in exploring your musical creativity, forging friendships, and making a positive impact on Manhattan's vibrant music community.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Zane Kohl Profile

Zane Kohl

Erika Kline Profile

Erika Kline

David Burnett Profile

David Burnett

Administration Specialist
Samantha Weber Profile

Samantha Weber

Community Engagement/Outreach Officer
Cody Sundquist Profile

Cody Sundquist

Event Coordinator
Adelay Martin Profile

Adelay Martin

Media Officer
Bri Schock Profile

Bri Schock

Event Coordinator
Autumn Race Profile

Autumn Race

Vice President
Mason Camera Profile

Mason Camera

Event Coordinator


Jam Cat Collective

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