Advising Recognized Student Organizations

Advisors provide important mentoring to students to support the health, safety, and success of recognized student organizations (RSOs).

Are you interested in helping students create a sense of identity and belonging, while supporting their leadership and career development?

You can do all of this and more when you advise a student organization! Contact the Center for Student Involvement to learn more at


View the Advisor Acknowledgement for full details.

  • Required trainings
  • Reporting obligations
  • Financial management support
  • Event registration


Must be members of the University faculty or staff, on at least .5 FTE.

  • Tips for finding an Advisor

    Sponsored RSOs will have an advisor assigned to the organization by their sponsoring department.

    Affiliated RSOs are responsible for seeking out a University faculty/staff member to serve as an advisor.

    A great place to start is within your own personal network. Ask your friends, members, and alumni to help out. Tell your professors, mentors, and academic advisors about your organization and ask them to share your information with anyone they know who might be interested.

    When chatting with a potential new advisor, discuss your expectations of the advisor, such as how often you'd like them to attend meetings and events, and what areas you need their support in.

  • Serving as an Advisor

    Advisors help ensure student organizations are staying connected with the University and complying with federal, state, and University rules, laws, and regulations.

    Learn more about the advisor role and responsibilities in the Advisor Acknowledgement, and find answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

  • Resources for Advisors